Guides & How To

NOTE: Before setting up , we highly recommend placing your Foggy Falls in the place you want it to stay. Moving your waterfall will be harder once set up.

  1. Ensure your Foggy Falls is on a flat, horizontal surface.
  2. Plug your waterfall in and keep it turned off.
  3. Fill the base with water.
  4. Turn on the pump and mist light.
  5. Wait 20 seconds for the mist and water to start flowing!
  6. You are done! Snap a pic of your waterfall and #Foggyfalls.

  • For use indoors only.
  • Not suitable for children of any age.
  • Do not leave plug in the water.
  • In the event of an overflow, simply turn off your device and use a small cup to take out some of the water.
  • For more information, email us at